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Play Aviator 1win IN + working strategy

If you are looking for an easy way to make money, then be sure to take a look at the Aviator game on the 1win bookmaker website. Every day, thousands of players earn big money by spending a couple of hours of free time in this game, and you can become one of them. Playing Aviator 1win is very easy and simple, but we recommend that you read this material to the end and learn about all the intricacies of such earnings.


aviator 1win in

Aviator 1win IN rules and how to start the game

To launch Aviator Spribe, you need to go to the official website of the 1 win bookmaker through our website. Next, you have to register, which will take a couple of minutes of free time. When creating a new account, pay attention to the promotional code, which will allow you to get an increased bonus on your first deposit.

Once you have created your account, you can start replenishing your account. Please note that the first deposit is offered with a 500% bonus. So, we recommend that you immediately deposit a large amount into your account in order to take advantage of this promotion, as well as take part in other bonus promotions of the company.

As soon as the money is in the account, you can click on the Aviator button in the main menu of the site.

1 win Aviator button in the main menu

A game called Aviator 1win will open in front of you and you will see a plane that is preparing to take off. You can place a bet by entering the amount and then wait for the plane to start its flight.

This aircraft will climb continuously. The higher it rises, the greater will be the coefficient by which the bet is calculated. However, the main difficulty of this game is that the plane can crash at any moment. This can happen at a height with a factor of 1.1, 1.5, 2, and so on. Sometimes, the flight can be delayed up to a factor of 5,000, but such flights are rare.

Your main task in such a situation is to have time to sell your bet before the fall. The bid will be calculated at the odds at which you made the sale. You have the right to sell a bet even with odds of 1.1, but this does not make any sense at a distance. Next, we will talk in detail about the most profitable methods of playing the game for productive earnings.

Best working strategy

1 win Aviator allows you to view the results of past flights. If you watch, you will notice a pattern in which you can see that flights quite often last longer than a factor of 2.

1 win aviator odds

This situation allows the use of catch-up. This is a strategy that was invented for casino games. Its meaning is to sell the bet when the coefficient reaches 2. If the bet lost without waiting for the desired quote, then the player will have to increase the amount of the next bet by 2 times and catch the desired odd again.

To make it clear, we suggest looking at the table in which they started playing with 100 rupees, having 10,000 in the bank and sold the bet when the coefficient reached 2.

Stake amount Bet result Net profit Bank balance
100 rupees win 100 rupees 10 100 rupees
100 rupees losing -100 rupees 10,000 rupees
200 rupees losing -200 rupees 9,800 rupees
400 rupees losing -400 rupees 9,400 rupees
800 rupees win 800 rupees 10,200 rupees
100 rupees win 100 rupees 10,300 rupees

As you can see, we had a series of 3 losses in a row, but already on the 4th bet we bet 800 rupees, and when we reached odds of 2, we were able to earn a net profit, which covered the previous losses and gave plus to the bank.

With such a strategy, it is almost impossible to lose the aviator game, but do not forget that chasing is very dangerous. By doubling your bet on a regular basis, you risk spending all your money. For this reason, we recommend making an initial bet of 1% of the pot. In our case, the pot was 10,000 and the initial bet was 100 rupees, which allowed us to feel safe and not worry about a losing streak.

aviator 1 win india

Bonus for the game Aviator 1win

Each new player has the opportunity to receive a bonus from the bookmaker. This applies to sports betting and casinos. For example, for the first deposit you will receive a bonus account in the amount of 500% of the replenishment amount.

This money is won back by ordinary sports betting odds with odds of 3 or more. If you win such a bet, you will receive a bonus, which will be taken from the bonus account and transferred to the main account. Thus, it will be possible to earn money for starting capital for playing Aviator.

In addition, we recommend that you go to the promotions and bonuses section on the bookmaker’s website on an ongoing basis. There may appear information about a new bonus that will be useful for your earnings in Aviator 1 win India .

Bonus Aviator 1win india

How to download Aviator on mobile

Of course, such a modern bookmaker as 1win could not pass by the opportunity to play Aviator through a smartphone. To do this, just download the 1win mobile application for android and IOS.

After an easy installation procedure, you will have permanent access to the game and be able to start playing Aviator anytime, anywhere.

Aviator 1win India – tips for players

To make your bets more passable, we suggest you study the tips from professionals who have been playing this game for a long time:

  1. Don’t play too much – the game can keep you busy for many hours, but because of the excitement, you can lose all the money because you lose concentration;
  2. The game offers to make two bets at once – you can use one for the strategy we have proposed, and upgrade the second in any way convenient for you;
  3. Do not buy programs for hacking the game – for this you can get a ban from the bookmaker, and such programs are offered only by scammers;
  4. No need to look for patterns – if they appear, they are quickly eliminated by the game developers;
  5. Do not buy account promotion through Aviator – only scammers do this;
  6. Do not start playing all-in or large sums – Aviator allows you to earn big money even with minimal bets in a few hours;
  7. Do not forget that there are other versions of this game, for example, you can turn on Lucky Jet right now, with the same rules, but different scripts.

Online game Aviator spribe – how much you can earn

winning money in aviator 1 winThere is no ceiling in terms of earning potential in this game. You can earn as much as you want, given your strategy, involvement in the process and the time you spend in the game.

As proof of the above words, you can look at the reviews of real players who have already been able to try their hand at this game.

For example, everyone was surprised by the real feat of an ordinary Mumbai resident named Vazant. By registering on the site, and making the first deposit of $100, he was able to grow his bank to $10,000 in two weeks, spending 4 hours a day in the game.

However, do not forget that quick earnings very often entail a quick loss of all the money earned. For this reason, we recommend that you start with a minimum bet and set yourself a specific goal for the day, upon reaching which it will be possible to stop playing.


At a distance, in a week, you will see how much your bank will grow. So start playing Aviator 1 win IN already now by registering on the site with our promo code and getting extra money as a bonus.


What should I do if I can't launch the game?

- reload the page, or try to launch an analogue of the game - Lucky Jet.

How much can I earn in Aviator?

- Your income is unlimited - it all depends on your involvement in the process and the strategy used.

Is Aviator 1win a legal game in India?

- Yes, since the bookmaker has international licenses to carry out its activities around the world.